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Many people find it pretty difficult to jump start the day when they miss their daily cup of joe. Although you give this beverage credit for putting morning smiles on your face, did you stop to think if it is actually making your smile even less brilliant?

The enamel of your teeth is widely recognized as the hardest substance in the human body. However, you should note that it is not smooth and flat. If you have the right equipment, you will notice that your tooth enamel contains microscopic-sized ridges and pits that can trap particles of drinks and food.

Oftentimes, soda, tea and coffee contains pigments that are dark in colour. If the individual allows these particles to become embedded in those cracks and ridges without practicing proper oral care, the result is permanent, yellow stains on the teeth. Drinking coffee and worried about the drink staining your teeth? Read on to find out what you should do.

Can I avoid having a coffee smile by adding cream?

Lighter-coloured coffee, such as black coffee with cream, may give the impression that it stains less. The same acids and pigments, however, are still present in that coffee. That’s why adding any sort of whitener to your coffee does not prevent your pearly whites from becoming stained. You can reduce the staining effect by putting significantly less coffee in your cup and make more room for the creamer.

Coffee myths to bust

Coffee Stained Teeth

• It helps if you brush after drinking coffee

Brushing your teeth after drinking coffee to prevent coffee stains may seem to make sense at first, but the acidity of coffee has already softened your teeth enamel. Just like brushing after eating, you could strip your teeth and cause them to become more porous. In the end, they just become more susceptible to staining.

• You can help prevent stains by drinking coffee through a straw

Even if you use a straw to drink your coffee, the drink will eventually come into contact with the back of your teeth, which just makes things worse. Whether you drink or taste the coffee, you are already exposing your teeth. There’s no escape!

What you should do

For starters, you can take a sip of water after every sip of coffee. After you are done drinking the entire cup, make sure you rinse your mouth with a mouthful-sized swish of water. If you have the habit of refilling your coffee cup more than once, it is recommended that you keep a glass of water handy as well. A sip of water can help wash away most of the coffee that’s there. One of the reasons why stains become so obvious is because people fail to floss away the calculus and/or plaque builds up in between teeth. These are porous materials and can hold stains much better than a tooth.

You can try to abstain from drinking coffee. If you can’t, consider consuming this beverage at specific break times. It is more practical if you concentrate on not sipping coffee constantly throughout the day. Another thing is to avoid using whitening strips because they bring back the porous problem again. These strips contain chemical agents that can make your teeth more porous. If you drink coffee, it is pertinent that you get your teeth cleaned once every six months by a professional dentist. They are also your go-to professionals for teeth whitening in Perth as well!

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