Material used for dental restoration

Some people got the cute smile due to dental restoration. Dentists should consider suitable material to fill up the cracks of the teeth of the patients. Sometimes molars and premolars also need to be repaired. Through restorations spaces can also be filled that occurred between your front teeth. Usually dental cements are used by the dentists to fill the space between teeth. These cements are of two types that are (permanent) Zinc Phosphate cements and (temporary) Zinc Polycarboxylate.

The selection of the material used for the restoration is depending on the different factors. These factors are time of setting the material, strength, moisture and solubility of the mixture. For short term use of the restoration, Resin or Polycarboxylate material is considered as one of the best materials.  ZPC is the material that has brown color and it is difficult to handle its mixture.

Other than above mentioned materials, dentists also use gold and silver amalgam for the filling of damaged and cracked teeth. Silver amalgam is the mixture of silver, mercury, zinc, copper and tin. Material made up of glass is also used for filling used for restoration.


Gold material is more durable than the other materials of restoration. It remains undamaged from 7 to 10 years. Some people love gold and they also like gold filling for their teeth. The prices of gold are increasing day by day therefore many of the people do not afford it and prefer the material of resin. The color of resin is matched with the original tooth that’s why some people choose this filling for their oral treatment. People do not want to show their friends that they have some dental problems so they prefer resin. Our skilled dentists have knowledge about all the above materials of the fillings for restoration. They gave you choices of different dental material according to your budget, likeness and time.