Techniques of tooth colour restorations:

Innovation in techniques and products as well as public awareness has decreased the chances of tooth decay. But teeth are still susceptible to infection, decay, and breakage. Eating habits, underlying health conditions, home care techniques, and medications are contribute to the health of gums and teeth. Modern dentistry techniques help you to restore your teeth back to their natural appearance, contours, and function.  Cosmetic dentist provide you the conservative and comfortable way to replace missing tooth or repair the missing part of tooth structure. Dentists can use following mentioned techniques of tooth colour restoration.

  • Tooth fillings:

Fillings are the most common and affordable types of tooth restoration. Missing tooth can be filled with the help of tooth-colored plastic material which is known as “composite resin filling”.

  • Crowns:

Crown is tooth-shaped cap which is putted over the tooth to restore its natural shape, size, appearance, and strength.

  • Bonding:

Bonding tooth restoration process is affordable and effective technique. It is accomplished in just one visit to cover the gap between teeth. It does not need any lab-fabrication.


  • Dental bridges:

Bridges are the false teeth which are invented to cover the gap occurred between one or more teeth. Dental bridges may give you adverse effects such as, speech impediment or difficulty in eating.

  • Implants:

Implants can replace a missing tooth and increase the retention of denture to eliminate gum irritation. It is small post prepared with metal that are placed onto the denture bone socket. It is equally effective for more than one tooth.

  • Dentures:

Dentures are ideal for people with no remaining teeth. It is removable replacement and made of acrylic resin and combined with metal attachment. It is very important to follow healthy dental hygiene techniques while wearing dentures.

Overall, tooth color restoration is a dental technique which works to fill up the missing tooth or gap between two teeth. It comes in different shades which compliment to your natural tooth.