pretty woman with white teeth

Dentists Teeth Whitening procedures:

Of all our cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth-whitening is the most frequently requested, and it offers an affordable, safe and easy way to improve your smile. No other cosmetic procedure gives more for less.

Teeth can be stained by a variety of things we consume – coffee, tea, cola and wine are just a few. But did you know that teeth naturally yellow as we get older? When teeth become discoloured they can inhibit us socially, making teeth whitening a wise life investment.

Whitening Techniques

Several methods for whitening teeth exist. Common to them all is the use of strong bleaching agents which cannot be used in effective concentrations by unsupervised unqualified persons. Over the counter teeth whitening kits use lower concentrations of bleach for safe use by unqualified persons, and as a consequence they tend to be less effective.

At South Perth Dental Excellence we offer two kinds of teeth whitening treatment:

• In chair – the fastest method for teeth whitening, using powerful agents controlled by ultra violet light.
• At home – a less costly option, we supply you with a take-home kit and train you in its use. This is a more gradual process, taking 2-6 weeks, depending on the extent of whitening desired.

Porcelain Veneers

There is a final option for whitening deeply discoloured teeth – porcelain veneers. These are stain-proof, and offer the additional benefit that they can be used to correct minor misalignment in the tooth to which they are attached.

So if you are worried about your discoloured teeth, don’t let them hold you back. Give South Perth Dental Excellence a call today, arrange an examination, and we’ll discuss the options most suitable for you and advise you of their costs.