Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry:

According to a survey report issued by the DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation), more than 30% patients avoids dental treatment due to painful procedure. This condition is known as dental phobia or dento phobia. So, sleep dentistry is offered to cover this disorder. Sedation offers plenty benefits to dental patients which are mentioned below:

  • Pain free treatment for dental problems: Sedation provides dental care without any pain. In this case, drugs or injections are given to patient for the dental procedure. Patients will be able to go through the treatment without any fear of pain.
  • Effective technique: It is an effective way to provide appropriate comfort and relaxation to patients who fear or anxiety about dental treatment.
  • You remain active: Sleep dentistry procedure will make you adequately relaxed, sleepy, and comfortable but, you will not actually asleep. You will be able to respond and tell to your dentist if you feel any pain.

two dentists performing sleep dentistry

  • No memory: Depending on the sleep dentistry technique applied, patient will have little memory of the dental treatment. IV conscious sedation is more beneficial for this and idea for the people who are highly phobic.
  • No wastage of time: Sleep dentistry may be done in less time. So, patient can avail longer time to take multiple sessions and to cover more things in less time.
  • Cost effective: Sedation is affordable and cost effective treatment. Due to the advantage of relaxation, patients can take much dental treatment in one session.
  • Full control over fear: Sedation can make your dental treatment very pleasant so, you can take any painful dental treatment without any stress.
  • Peace of mind: Sedation will also give peace of mind to those patients who have less control over their movements such as, children with ADHD or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Safety: Sleep dentistry is a safe, effective, and successful technique to relieve the anxiety and fear associated with dental procedures. It is considered safe with low severity and incidence of adverse reaction.

More About Painless Dental Care

A distressingly large number of Australians go through life with chronic dental defects, simply because fear of the dentist’s chair keeps them from getting their teeth properly maintained. This has obvious social costs, in the form of unsightly teeth and bad breath. But poor oral health also correlates with poor overall health, as neglected teeth and gums offer a hospitable environment for all manner of pathologies. Recent research has linked poor oral health and in particular gum disease to susceptibility to heart disease.

Some dentists these days are undertaking the training and certification needed to offer “twilight” sedation to overcome extreme dental anxiety, offering a lifeline to dental phobics. Sometimes called “sleep dentistry”, patients experience a deep state of relaxation in the chair, and may remember little or nothing about the treatment they have received. Importantly, they experience almost no discomfort or pain.

South Perth Dental Excellence is among the relatively few dentists authorised to practice sleep dentistry, which requires qualified training and equipment. Now there really is no excuse for neglecting your oral health. If you have been deterred by fear of the chair from properly maintaining your dental care, it’s quite likely that you have some catching up to do. Come and see us at South Perth Dental Excellence, and we’ll examine you thoroughly. We’ll then propose a treatment plan, fully costed to include sleep dentistry.

At South Perth Dental Excellence, sleep dentistry is available for all forms of dental treatment, including implant placement, root canal treatment, and even, for those profoundly affected by dental phobia, simple fillings. Call us today for an appointment.