What to do when a dental emergency strikes

Dental emergencies can strike at any time. Accidental damage to or loss of a tooth, toothache or the sudden development of an abscess are just some of the things that can leave you needing an emergency dentist, fast.
South Perth Dental Excellence offers a prompt emergency dental treatment service every day except Sunday.

Tooth knocked out? You may not have to lose it – here’s what to do while you make your way to South Perth Dental Excellence for treatment.

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Retrieve the tooth, handling it by the crown, not the root.

Carefully remove loose dirt under running water. Do not clean vigorously, as the root will have living tissue adhering to it that is necessary for reattachment.

If possible, reinsert the tooth in its socket, and keep it there with gentle pressure until you reach the dentist.

If it is not possible to hold the tooth in place, wrap it gently in gauze and immerse it in milk.
If you have a tooth pushed out of position, but still attached:

• Taking care not to exert too much pressure, try to restore the tooth to its natural position.

• If possible, bite down gently on the tooth to keep it in position.

Seek immediate dental attention – your South Perth Dental Excellence dentist may be able to save the tooth by splinting it to adjacent, healthy teeth.

If you have lost or broken teeth from an accident or are suffering from severe pain, don’t hesitate, get in touch with an emergency dentist such as South Perth Dental Excellence today!

girl with a toothache