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People worry about wisdom teeth. They have a bad reputation. This reputation is partially deserved, as wisdom teeth can be a real pain. It is true that some people get their wisdom teeth without any pain. Still, for most, wisdom teeth are a very painful experience.

About Wisdom Teeth

Another name for the wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are the last teeth that sprout up in an adult’s mouth. There are four wisdom teeth that are placed in each corner of your mouth. The name “wisdom teeth” comes from the time when they develop, in the late teen years or adulthood, when a person has obtained some level of “wisdom” (hopefully).

Many times, wisdom teeth come out without any issues to the person. For the rest, these teeth cause serious problems. The problems come about as a lack of space in the jaw for the new teeth to rest. When there’s not enough space for these growing teeth, they can grow up against the neighbouring tooth. They can also grow at sharp angles, which is known as impacted tooth. It is also very hard to reach these teeth with a typical toothbrush, so they may be more decayed than the rest of your mouth.

When is it Best to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are not an essential part of the mouth. Humans can go about their normal lives without ever needing these teeth. This is why it is often recommended that one remove them. This extraction can be done by a dentist, and is primarily done if the tooth is decayed, impacted, or cause a lot of pain. This procedure will open up the space in your mouth, giving your teeth more space to sit in comfort. And it will also cause you more overall comfort, as the pain associated with the teeth will be gone.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The extraction of the wisdom teeth is done in the same way as a normal tooth would be removed. The only difference is the location of these teeth makes them hard to reach. The dentists at South Perth Dental Excellence are experienced in the extraction of wisdom teeth and have all of the skills necessary to alleviate any pain you may feel in your mouth. The dentists will walk you through the procedure, making sure to customize the extraction based on your needs, your pain, and the shape of your mouth. Normal aesthetic will work for most patients, but if the idea of having your tooth pulled makes you nervous, the procedure can be done will you are sedated (Sleep Dentistry).

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