Dentures are a proven and inexpensive way of restoring dental function after loss of teeth. But if they are to give the wearer long and comfortable service they must be skilfully made and regularly maintained. Some loss of the underlying jaw bone over time is unavoidable, meaning that dentures will become misaligned and unstable without regular relining to take account of the changing geometry of the jaws. It pays to entrust your dentures to an expert. South Perth Dental Excellence offers a denture service that you can depend on for reliable, aesthetically pleasing dentures that are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Our team includes restorative dentists who have prosthodontic training, and can keep your dentures in top condition.

How to look after your dentures

Well maintained, modern dentures will last many years, and as such they are one of the most affordable and effective restorative dental treatments we offer. Here are some rules you can follow that will help you get the best use out of your dentures and prolong their life:


  • Handle your dentures with care. They are designed to be strong in your mouth, but can be easily damaged when handled.

  • If your dentures are damaged, don’t try to fix them yourself. Bring them to South Perth Dental Excellence for immediate repair.

  • Keep your dentures clean. Just like natural teeth they can harbour bacteria that impair your oral hygiene and lead to bad breath.

  • Keep your dentures moist, even when you are not wearing them. Remove them at night, but keep them immersed in cold water.

  • Dentures require periodic relining and rebasing, and will need remaking after long use. Make sure your dentures are always a good fit, and have them checked at South Perth Dental Excellence regularly.