Dental Implants From South Perth

When we lose a tooth, we don’t just lose the tooth. Over time, the bone that used to support the tooth is resorbed, because it no longer experiences the loads from biting. Traditional means of replacing the lost tooth, such as crowns, bridges or dentures, do nothing to restore these essential loads, and bone loss proceeds unabated.

Dental implants solve this problem, providing a lasting solution to replacing missing teeth. They use a titanium screw fixed within the bone of the jaw to support a tooth or teeth. Normal bite loads are delivered to the bone, and the bone recession is arrested.

But it gets better than that. Because it turns out that bone loves titanium, and responds to its presence by integrating at a cellular level with the implant’s surface. With these advantages, it’s not surprising that dental implants are increasingly favoured as a more permanent alternative to dentures, crowns or bridges.

Dental Implantology

Implant Based Dental Restorations

At South Perth Dental Excellence our restorative dentists are trained in all the modalities of this exciting field of dentistry. Dental implants can successfully be used in a wide range of cases. On the one hand, single implants can support single teeth, and on the other, arrays of implants can be used to support a fixed bridge.

In cases where extensive bone loss has occurred, grafting may be required to augment the available bone stock. It’s essential that when you have an implant procedure the surrounding gums and remaining teeth are healthy.

3d animated image of 3 dental implants

So the first step is always a thorough examination and consultation, to establish the health of your teeth and gums. To determine the extent and availability of bone, we scan your jaw and do some sophisticated Xray imagery. We can then advise you on the alternative courses of treatment open to you, and their cost.

Prosthodontists Perth

Prosthodontics, or prosthetic dentistry, is complimentary to the dental implant procedure. As the area of dentistry that focuses on restoring smiles with lifelike dental prostheses, we construct prosthetic teeth to attach to a titanium implant, and rebuild your smile to the best possible aesthetic, function and health. South Dental Perth Excellence are the only Medibank Private fund approved dental clinic in Perth offering advanced Prosthodontics services.