Types of Crowns & Bridges

Based on the material, there are different types of crowns & Bridges that are used by the people to overcome their problems. Whenever a patient needs implantation, the dentist and recommend him various types of crowns & bridges on the basis of his needs and requirements. Following are some types of crowns and bridges that are provided by the dentists.

  • Gold Crowns

The gold crowns are made up of gold and most of the times, these crowns are used for molar and pre-molars. This type of crown is not so much strong and it has ability to change its shape with the passage of time. The beneficial point of gold crown is that, it requires little changes in the original tooth. These are highly expensive crowns.


  • Metal Crowns

The metal crowns are made up of the combination of the metal alloys and the porcelain. These types of crowns are generally strong and used for a long period of time.

  • Porcelain crowns

The porcelain crowns are not so much expensive, but these are the most durable ones. These crowns are used to get the natural tooth color easily. Usually people choose porcelain crowns for their damaged tooth.

Just like the crowns, the bridges are also made up of two different materials that are the metal bridges and the porcelain bridges.

  • Metal Bridges

These are the most common types of the bridges that are used by the people. Metal bridges are stronger than the porcelain bridges, but expensive too.

  • Porcelain bridges

Porcelain bridges are the results of the latest technology and you can easily found natural tooth color easily. People generally prefer porcelain bridges because these are less expensive as compared to the metal bridges. Generally combination of the porcelain crowns and the porcelain bridges are used in normal treatment.