Your smile is one of your most important social assets, so finding quality cosmetic dentistry is equally important. Study after study confirms the correlation between a healthy, attractive smile and positive life outcomes, and that patients who take steps to have unsightly dental defects corrected report improved life experience. Not only that, but many dental defects don’t merely look unsightly, they also have undesirable functional outcomes; poor bite, compromised hygiene leading to tooth and gum decay, and sometimes speech flaws.

The team at South Perth Dental Excellence is trained to offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. We are Perth’s only Medibank Private fund approved dental clinic offering Prosthodontics services – that involves rebuilding the aesthetics and function of your smile using advanced dental prosthetic solutions.

Teeth whitening

The colour of your teeth play an important role in giving you a lovely smile and making them whiter is the simplest and least costly way to improve the appearance of your teeth. We offer in-chair or at-home procedures.


Another affordable way to improve the appearance of misaligned front teeth, by attaching a thin sliver of stain-resistant porcelain to the outer surface of the tooth. Computerised fabrication enables great precision.


cracked, decayed or discoloured teeth can be addressed using crowns. We use state of the art CAD/CAM systems to create beautifully fitting crowns.


Dental bridges are a proven means of replacing missing teeth and for providing stability to neighbouring teeth.

Teeth Reshaping

Just like the teeth whitening, the teeth reshaping treatment is also done by the cosmetic dentist. With the help of laser and all other advanced dental techniques, the dentists can reshape the teeth or make them smooth.

Dental Implants

From replacing single teeth to creating beautiful full mouth restorations, South Perth Dental Excellence’s restorative team is trained to diagnose, plan and perform implant based restorations of all kinds, including the All on Four implant borne bridge which replaces all the teeth in a jaw.


At South Perth Dental Excellence we are an authorised provider of Invisalign, the nearly invisible dental alignment system that corrects moderately crowded and crooked teeth.

Replacing Fillings

we can replace old, discoloured fillings with new, natural-looking porcelain fillings.

Don’t let your smile hold you back. Call us for a consultation today.