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Despite what you might think, brushing your teeth isn’t just to get a bright and white smile; it is absolutely crucial to brush your teeth properly in order to have great and long lasting oral health! When you brush your teeth (for most people it is morning and night!) the objective, above all others, is to remove the plaque, which is caked onto the surface of your teeth.


Plaque is a stick deposit which contains potentially harmful bacteria- and if left on for long enough, the bacteria has the potential to proliferate and lead to gum disease and cavities, as the bacteria become active and cause rotting and infections.


We’re not trying to scare you …promise! But it is vital that you brush at least twice a day to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene. So, your friends at South Perth Dental Excellence have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about brushing your teeth! Here they are:


What Kind Of Toothbrush Should I Be Using?

You should always use a soft, bristled toothbrush, making sure that it is the appropriate size for your teeth, gums and mouth. The vast majority of toothbrushes in the supermarket are coordinated according to age so this shouldn’t be very difficult.


However, if you have certain crevasses or hard to reach areas in your mouth, you can use a children’s toothbrush to make sure that you brush all areas of the inside of your mouth.


If you have issues with dexterity or simply want to try one, electric toothbrushes are great- with minimal effort you can get a great all-around brush, without the hassle of a normal toothbrush.


What Brushing Technique Is Best?

A decent mouth and teeth brush should take you around 3 minutes. If you have kids, chances are they will always try and skip this part, or brush for as little time as possible (didn’t we all?) but it is imperative that, especially for young children, that they get into a habit of brushing consistently and well.


Squeeze the amount to cover a 5-cent piece onto the bristles of your toothbrush. Set your brush to your gum line at roughly 45 degrees and gently brush with a short, vertical/horizontal and circular motion. This will ensure that all plaque build up in hard to get areas is successfully disturbed, and out of your mouth. Make sure that you don’t brush across your teeth, this can cause bruising and bleeding of the gums.


A step-by-step guide:

  1. Brush the outer surface of your upper teeth
  2. Brush the outer surface of lower teeth
  3. Brush inner surface of upper teeth
  4. Repeat for all surfaces.
  5. Make sure you don’t forget your tongue too!


After 3 minutes of these actions, you’re ready to go, your mouth is fresh and clean to take on the day!


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